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Larder will help you reduce food waste, save money and make the most of your kitchen!

Out now on iOS and Android!

Your Larder

Your Larder is where you store items that you're currently tracking, organised by expiry.

You can scan an item's barcode to easily add it to your Larder, or quickly add items that you've stored previously.


Larder can send you daily and weekly expiry notifications so you never have to throw food out again.

Notifications are easily customisable, so you can be reminded just before you do your weekly shop, or at the beginning of the day!

Monitor Your Impact

Larder helps you track and reduce your environmental impact from food waste.

You can see how many items you used before they expired, and how many you had to throw away.

No Ads, No Personal Data;

Our Pledge

Larder will always be free of advertising, and will never sell your personal data. 

All of the base features of Larder will also never require a subscription.

When we add new features in the future, they might need an account or be subscription based, but you'll never be forced to upgrade or register to continue using the base features!



Larder takes your privacy very seriously! We'll never give or sell your data to 3rd parties, and never spam you.

You'll get infrequent updates on Larder's progress to launch and subsequent updates, and maybe even some special insider info...

Thank you for your support!

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